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Since 2015, DOX Food has been building its international reputation for quality in the export of food commodities. Headquartered in Kragujevac, Serbia, with facilities in several cities in Serbia, we continuously strive to be a premiere diversified international food company, delivering a commitment of quality, price and a level of customer service no one else can match, in a culture that is performance driven.

DOX Food enables its buyers to find in one place all of the Balkans and worldwide AAA food industry brands.

DOX Food strives to become a leader in its field, conducting two-way trading activity in over 10 countries worldwide. We are currently successfully exporting more than 500 articles to the Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and Sweden markets, among others.

Our services include commodity purchasing, quality control and safety, logistics, documentation and financing. We are skilled in all aspects of commodity markets, local and international trade and food distribution. We always operate at the highest level of integrity and professionalism.

We offer to our customers :

  • An opportunity to find everything they need in one place, under great pricing and just in time
  • More than 500 articles
  • Declaring the products in the desired language
  • All at one place : Sweet and salty, fresh and frozen, modern and traditional


More than 500 articles

Delivery on time

All at one place

Best pricing

Declaring the products


Food PL is a service of the DOX Export branch that provides production of food and nutritional products – traditional, modern, national, special, international, under your or our recipe (private label / contract manufacturing). In essence, we provide every step of the production process – recipe, design, boxes, printing, product manufacturing, packaging, registration, transportation etc. … It all depends entirely on your desires and needs. It is always our utmost priority that every ingredient, process and solution is of the highest quality

Each team member from product conception, to marketing solutions is cross trained and educated on all aspects of the private label manufacturing process. We work as a collaborative team to bring your private label products to market successfully. We’ve collaborated with our subcontractors and Clients on many successfull products in the market.

We are currently offering the service of producing the following products in the brand of the customer

  • Sour cabbage – cabbagehead, chopped, finely chopped
  • Fruit and vegetable products
    • traditional products – homemade ajvar, natural juices of several kinds of fruits such as domestic cherry juice, peach, tomatoes, domestic strawberries, apricot and others.
    • modern products – ajvar with porcini, ajvar with truffles, plum jam, rosemary and black chocolate, raspberry jam, blueberry and blackberry
  • Dairy products
    • From cow’s milk: Paprika in sour cream, Cherry peppers with cheese
    • From goat’s milk: cheeses, fermented dairy product, milk, whey
  • All types of ice cream, as well as protein ice cream without fat and sugar


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