Anniversaries are often a time to reflect on the past and celebrate milestones and achievements. It was a great feeling to see reliable partners and dear old friends, and a very exciting experience and a great pledge for the future to meet new ones a… 04.03.2020.
It’s no secret that holiday traditions are very different worldwide, so, the European continent is no different. Besides the fact that not all of us celebrate Christmas on the same day, every single country celebrates its traditions and its cuisine a… 09.01.2019.
Abuse and misuse of antibiotics have become a global problem. This is especially noticeable in the use of antibiotics in Serbia among other countries. According to some statistical data, about 1,500 doses per 1000 people are used annually in Serbia,… 03.11.2018.
The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 changed the world. The bipolar division of the world has disappeared and Western capitalism has dominated most of the planet Earth. In the last quarter of the century, the most successful economic story has taken p… 03.11.2018.
In a busy and hectic business world of modern times it is really important to pause occasionally. To analyze and evaluate what’s done, but also to enjoy in results that are achieved. What better occasion than a birthday. It was only our second, but i… 03.11.2018.